Business Overview

An Engineered Evolution

Our growth and diversification since the conception of the Company in 1944 is a notable achievement, marking our success in the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia. As an industry pioneer, we have developed our business from a small trading company in the early years to one of the leading healthcare companies in the Kingdom today.

Through strategic planning and management, we have built the business progressively, overcoming the challenges in what was then a developing industry. By constantly evaluating external influences, we have reached a level of awareness needed to define our focus internally and to further hone our business competencies and practices. This has also involved benchmarking our expertise, technologies, processes and resources against industry standards to ensure we are always leading the way in excellence.

Abdulrehman Algosaibi G.T.C. has a long history of supporting our partners, clients and employees with the aim of meeting our duties as a healthcare provider, ensuring that patients get the best care possible. Consequently, through a well-directed application of this approach, we have been successful in mapping out the path of our success. Today, this process of engineered evolution continues, in line with our business vision.