Pharmaceutical & Biological Operations

Since the inception of its pharmaceutical distribution activities in 1945, Abdulrehman Algosaibi G.T.C has been regarded as a leading pharmaceutical supplier, connecting patients with pharmaceutical products of the highest quality across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Abdulrehman Algosaibi G.T. C’s long history of success is primarily based on an unwavering commitment to operational excellence, through utilizing the company’s state-of-the-art management systems and supply chain facilities. This robust infrastructure has enabled Abdulrehman Algosaibi G.T.C to maintain a legacy of leadership in the pharmaceutical supply sector.

Today, the company is the partner-of-choice to over 25 multinational pharmaceutical corporations. Abdulrehman Algosaibi G.T.C carries a broad suite of pharmaceutical products covering a wide spectrum of products including vaccines, diabetic solutions, anti-inflammatories, infusions, analgesics, anti-allergies and vitamins amongst others.